Notes de brouillard

Notes de brouillard

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du 08/09/2017 au 14/10/2017

5 rue du Montcel
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Michel Sicard et Moygan Moslehi proposee

Michel Sicard & Mojgan Moslehi : "Notes de brouillard" 



The creations of Michel Sicard and Mojgan Moslehi were born from reflections often fascinated by a confrontation with real events such as natural phenomena or events from their own livedexperience. Their protean projects develop as vast interrogations(paintings, installations, objects, videos) on the possibility of capturing the energies of the universe.

Between constructed reality and still evanescent sensory impressions, between the self and the non-self, in the interval where some event emerges – an echo, a rupture, the visible emergence of something hardly visible – a vibrant continuum projects it luminous expansion, it’s timeless reflection, the spatialization of fleeting moments, illusionary spaces grouped and suspended which mutually eradicate themselves by one reflection only to be newly revealed by another, questioning and overturning their carefully considered commandments.

Their pulse develops in successive layers originating in the obscure depths which exist beyond inertia and then movetowards a palpitating clarity linking one space to another.

In their photographic works, the hidden object leaps forth to witness its own extinction, its loss of reality, the emptiness which implements it, rendering it mute by deleting its resonant space. The image repeats the object from the distance proper to it, not by blocking it, but by rendering it free.

This emptiness, which reflects a fragment of the real, escapes from the reality imposed by the subject – which one could define as discontinuity – but reintroduces a continuity in propagating itself like a wave, which transfigures itself by its very stillness in order never to be conquered, involves us in its propagating movement.

The work, an illusory vision which imposes on its object a representation of an intuition, and even sometimes a negation of reality, finds itself at the apogee of the overthrow of limits, the bewitchment of the possible upon which it establishes its force of modification and movement.

The exhibition "Notes de brouillard" starts from the theme of erasure to envisage a world without contours, where only the resonance would create a deep and fruitful space in which we can roam at will. Distance and silence work in multiple relationships, the language of which sneaks here and there in the in-between, offered to the idea in the form of haikus. A poetryenvelops everything as a diffuse presence. But these presences are protean and exceed all limits. 


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Ouvert tous les jours de 14-18h

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